A Cave Story mod by Fluff8836.

After the events of Ballos and the Island stable, our heroes and Balrog are going to live their days peacefully on the surface. Up ahead in their paths lies a strange Temple. As they cross over it, a pulling force stopped Balrog in his tracks. Quote and Curly Brace held on tight as hard as they can, but the force was too powerful. Balrog couldn't even move forward and Curly started to fall through the Temple's center opening, which had been sealed soon after. The force stopped... Quote and Balrog begin to worry.

Curly crash lands in the Temple Base. After down for a few minutes she starts to look around, and sees something. A table at the corner. Curly inspects and finds a note and a diary. The note was written by someone going by the name of 'Jenka' (the old witch residing in the Sand Zone with her puppies). Unfortunately, Curly's memory is only partially damaged as a result of a crash from the fall so she doesn't know who Jenka is (hopefully until she sees her, she'll remember). The note told her she has to go through 8 passageways to get out of the Temple. Her quest of escape begins.

You play as Curly. Guide her though eight passageways of trap filled, monster infested mayhem.

Eight passageways, 64 stages, ONE adventure.

Demo available. Click below to download:

Demo 1